Do you like something old??

So, a little history behind antiques shopping spree. We’ve passed these shops hundreds time before and never once stop and take a look inside.

Isn’t this just the perfect opportunity to do so? “Just a look won’t hurt” we thought, and if we’re lucky we might actually get little treasures there!

Today, we stopped and ended up with some stuffs. The one we love in particular got something to do with horses!
Damn! Why vintage looks so good there?
And we heard there’s another shop like this in Bandung called Garasi Opa

Should we give it a try???😳



Hi world! We are PUBLIC HOUSE

Public House is a small cafe and bistro located in Diponegoro 12-14, Pekanbaru. We aspire to create a perfect house that is open for public where you can enjoy socialising with your homies!! Just like any house, expect a home-cooked meal just like the one your Grandma used to cook for you, or light snacks your Mom used to make when your friends come over, or cold drinks that you and your friend used to have in hot summer days! Well, It is Pekanbaru. Every day is a Summer Day 😉  Our house is under serious renovation right now to be ready and start welcoming you soon. We will start off the journey with a small house-warming in September, so don’t forget to mark it on your calendar fellas!! Looking forward to see you..

Halo Semua! Kami adalah PUBLIC HOUSE!

Public House adalah Kafe dan Bistro dijalan Diponegoro 12-14, Pekanbaru. Kami ingin membangun sebuah rumah yang sempurna untuk tempat hang out  bersama teman – teman terdekat. Seperti rumah, kami akan menyajikan masakan rumah seperti yang nenek  selalu buat saat lebaran, makanan kecil yang mama sering masak ketika teman – teman kami datang kerumah, dan juga minuman dingin segar yang biasa kami minum saat hari panas di Pekanbaru. Sekarang, rumah ini dalam proses renovasi agar bisa menyambut kalian semua  Akan ada house-warming di bulan September sebagai tanda rumah ini terbuka untuk umum! Kami tidak sabar untuk segera bertemu kalian semuaaaa.. 😀